Atchafalaya Basinkeeper in the Media


"Environmental Groups Sue Corps to Block Bayou Bridge Pipeline" January 2018

"Trump's Pipeline Agenda Just Went Through a Disasterous Week" Think Progress January 2018

"Environmental Groups Sue Corps Over Pipeline Approval" The Advocate January 2018

"Another Bayou Bridge Law Suit FIled" WRKF January 2018

"Louisiana Pipeline Project Spurs Demand for Land-Grab Records" Courthouse News Service January 2018

"Louisiana Environmental Groups Turn to Court in Bayou Bridge Pipeline Battle" The Advocate January 2018

"Enviromental Groups Sue for Records On Louisiana Pipeline Project" Reuters January 2018

"Recent Louisiana Cold Not Enough to Kil Crawfish Ahead of Season, But...." The Advocate January 2018

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline Faces Mounting Legal Challenges in Louisiana" Desmog Blog January 2018

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline Begins Construction in Louisiana Amid Protests, Legal Challenges" The Advocate January 2018

"Public Records Law Doesn't Apply to Bayou Bridge Pipeline Company, Judge Rules" January 2018

"Louisiana Pipeline Firm Can Keep Land-Grab Records Secret" Courthouse News Service January 2018

"Local Organization Raises Funds for Atchafalaya Basin Preservation" KATC 3 January 2018

"Guest Column: Why We are Fighting Bayou Bridge Pipeline" The Advocate January 2018

"Outdoorsmen, Environmentalist Come Together for Basinkeeper Fundraiser" Daily Iberian January 2018

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline's Controversial Construction Begins" January 2018

"Enviros Seek Halt of LA Pipeline Work Amid Challenge" Law 360 January 2018 

"Legal Challenge Filed to Stop Construction of BBP" Desmog January 2018

"Pipeline Ruling on Hold As Judge Weighs Arguments, Decision Expected Next Week" The Advocate February 2018

"Judge Hears Testimony in Request to Halt Bayou Bridge Pipeline" February 2018

"Bid To Halt Bayou Bridge Pipeline Rejected Despite Habitat Threat" Sierra Magazine February 2018

"Judge Denies Environmental Groups' Records Search Request in LA Pipeline Challenge" Louisiana Record February 2018

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline Must Stop, Federal Judge Rules" February 2018

"Judge Halts Construction on Bayou Bridge Pipeline" KATC3 February 2018

"Judge Halts Construction of Pipeline Through Atchafalaya Basin" Courthouse News Service February 2018

"Federal Judge Blocks Construction of Bayou Bridge Pipeline" EcoWatch February 2018

"Judge Denies Request to Continue Construction" KATC3 February 2018

"Corps Was Arbitrary and Capricious in Granting Bayou Bridge Pipeline Permit" February 2018

"Judge Tells Why She Stopped Pipeline Through the Atchafalaya Swamp" Courthouse News Service March 2018 

"Federal Judge: Work On Bayou Bridge Pipeline Stopped in Atchafalaya Basin, Can Continue Elsewhere" The Advocate February 2018

"Court Order Pausing Bayou Bridge Pipeline Only Applies to Path Through Cyress Swamp" Desmog March 2018






"Oil Pipeline's Permit Approval Reignites Debate"  Houma Courier December 2017

"LA Black Bear Delisting Lawsuit Slows the Process" The Daily Iberian November 2017

"Guest Column: Crawfishermen Under Threat as Oil and Gas Companies Show Flagrant Disregard for Our Way of Life" The Advocate October 2017

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline Opponents File to Intervene in Hearing for Private Security Firm in Louisiana" Desmog November 2017 

"Students Mobilize in Response to Proposed Bayou Bride Pipeline" Tulane Hullabaloo November 2017

"'Big Charity" Director to Unveil Films on Bayou Bridge Pipeline"' September 2017

"Basin's Waterflow Brought up at a Meeting" The Daily Iberian September 2017

"St. James Residents Oppose Proposed Pipeline" The Louisiana Weekly August 2017 

"Residents of 'Cancer Alley' Call Pipeline a Final Insult" Courthouse News June 2017

"Part of Our Punishment" The Daily Corinthian June 2017 

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline Challenged in Lawsuit" June 2017

"St. James Residents, Environmental Groups Sue Over Bayou Bridge Pipeline" KATC 3 June 2017

"After DAPL, Pipeline Fight Moves to Louisiana" Eco Watch May 2017 

"Swamp Tale: Dan Collins Suit Speaks to Larger Issues About Conflict and Controversy in the Basin" Baton Rouge Business Report March 2017

"Former Senator Mary Landrieu: Bayou Bridge Pipeline Warrants Approval" The Advocate February 2017

"Proposed Pipeline Highlights Legacy of Problems in Atchafalaya Basin" The Advocate February 2017

"With Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Louisiana Again Weighs Oil, Environment" February 2017 

"Bayou Bridge Pipeline Protests Heat Up in Louisiana" Inside Sources February 2017

"Basinkeeper Releases Policy Statement on Bayou Bridge Pipeline" The Independent January 2017

"No More Pipelines, Environmetal Group Says, Citing 114 Accidents" January 2017

"Pipeline Hearing Attracts Crowd Concerned About Atchafalaya" The Advocate January 2017

"Henderson Officials Offering Some Support, With Reservations on Proposed Bayu Bridge Pipeline" The Advocate January 2017 



"Louisiana Environmentalists Mounting Fight Against Proposed Pipeline Through Atchafalaya Basin" The Advocate December 2016

"Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline May Reach Acadiana" December 2016 

"Environmentalist Bring Fight Agaisnt Oil and Gas Pipelines to the Atchafalaya Basin" The Hayride December 2016 

"Drax Commits to Protecting Wetlands, Atchafalaya Basin" The News Star October 2016

"Environmental Concerns and Anger Grow in Month After Thousand Year Flood Srikes Louisiana" The Energy Collective September 2016

"Shippers Say Mississippi River Sediment Again Costing Them Millions" April 2016

"3 Amazing Things About the Atchafalaya Basin" Daily Advertiser April 2016 

"Jury Awards Whistleblower $750k" The Advocate January 2016

"Proposed South LA Pipeline Linked to Dakota Pipeline" Daily Advertiser January 2016

"Process to Remove Louisiana Black Bear from Endangered Species List Takes Another Step Thursday" The Advocate July 2015

"How America's Biggest Swamp Could Become Fracking Wasteland" Aljazeera America May 2015




 "Heart of Louisiana: Atchafalaya Basinkeeper" Fox 8 News May 2014

"Louisiana Forests Being Sacrificed to Fuel Europe's Biomass Boom" Aljazeera America January 2014  




"How Industries Logged the Atchafalaya Basin Out, and How to Log Back In" Bridge the Gulf: 28 Stones August 2012

"Atchafalaya Basin logging dispute" KFLY Eyewitness News (Lafayette). August 2012

"Atchafalaya Basinkeeper helped by young members of the Kennedy clan" Teche News (St. Martinville). August 2012

"Atchafalaya Basin fly over" KLFY Eyewitness News (Lafayette). August 2012

"Basinkeeper puts Bayou Jack on Notice" The Independent (Lafayette). August 2012

"Enviro coalition critical of Corps' Basin plan" The Independent (Lafayette). July 2012

"Poo Yie! 7-03-12" The Independent (Lafayette). July 2012

"Atchafalaya Basin supporters fighting to preserve ecosystem, promote ecotourism" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). July 2012

"School Board cancels swamp lease" KLFY Eyewitness News (Lafayette). June 2012

"Groups sue over Basin project" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). June 2012

"The Basinkeeper calls for backup" Teche News (St. Martinville). June 2012

"Basinkeeper and others suing School Board over sale of native cypress forest" Teche News (St. Martinville). May 2012

"Atchafalaya Baisnkeeper and friends file suit" The Independent (Lafayette). May 2012

"Board may reconsider Basin logging contract" Teche News (St. Martinville). April 2012

"Environmental organization to sue over illegal roads" WRKF Public Radio (Baton Rouge). March 2012

"Cypress swamp threatened by School Board's action" Teche News (St. Martinville). March 2012

"Judge postpones Atchafalaya Basin ruling" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). March 2012

"Derrame Silencioso Fluye Por El Golfo De Mexico""Derrame Silencioso Fluye Por El Golfo De Mexico" February 2012

"Groups to sue over construction" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). February 2012

"Fight for the Atchafalaya Basin centers on sloppy permitting" Teche News (St. Martinville). November 2011

"Activists threaten lawsuit over hunting club road in the Atchafalaya Basin" Teche News (At. Martinville). November 2011

"The Basinkeeper" by George Morris. The Advocate (Baton Rouge). July 31, 2011

"Louisiana Man Fighting to Protect Basin" by Kelsey Scram. NBC News 33 (Baton Rouge). July 8, 2011

"Basinkeeper National Hero" by Ken Grissom. Teche News (St. Martinville, LA). June 22, 2011



"Louisiana's Great Wet Hope" by Barry Yeoman. Dec. 17th, 2010

Atchafalaya Autumn II by Greg Guirard, published November 2010

The Basinkeeper and the Band, Film by Drake Records with Trees on Fire and Basinkeeper, 2010

SoLA: Louisiana Water Stories, Film by Jon Bowermaster, 2010

"Plight of Basin Spotlighted" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). January 2010

"Our Atchafalaya: A Basin Kind of Life" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). July 2009

"Our Atchafalaya: Bred on the Basin" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). July 2009

"Keeping the Basin: Dean Wilson Strives to Protect Atchafalaya's Natural Wonder" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). July 2009



"Last Stand in the Bayou" People Dec. 8, 2008

"Louisiana cypress mulch industry devastates old-growth forests" Nov. 5, 2008

"Paradise Lost" The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Oct. 7, 2008

"How (Not) to Prevent the Next Hurricane Katrina" Apr. 4, 2008

"Mulch Madness" The Independent Weekly Apr. 2, 2008

"Louisiana's Mulch Madness" Mother Jones Mar./ Apr. 2008

"Digging for truth" Daily Advertiser (Lafayette). March 2008

"Logging Off" Sept. 10, 2007

"The Mulching of Louisiana" Tulane Environmental Law News Fall 2007

"The Unkindest Cut" Gambit Weekly Aug. 14, 2007

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