Help us Protect the Basin from the Bayou Bridge Pipeline!


We can not afford to put another pipeline through the Atchafalaya Basin. Our Wetlands are filled with spoil banks, and our regulatory agencies have failed in enforceing environmental law.


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As our legal battle with Bayou Bridge begins, let's remember, this isn't the first pipeline to cut through our Basin.

Unless we remedy the problems from previous pipelines, it will not end the cycle of harm caused by massive silting; however, Bayou Bridge (jointly owned by Energy Transfer Partners and Phillips 66) begins construction during a time when they face a continuance of national negligence across the board, with pipeline shutdowns along ETP's Rover pipeline in Ohio and Mariner 2 access line in Pennsylvania.

The tail end of ETP's Dakota Access pipeline is currently threatening to cut across the Basin, causing irreparable harm to its hydrology, ecosystems and communities. The Florida-Gas pipeline's spoil banks in the Basin and owned by ETP and Kinder Morgan, has already led to massive silting, creating uplands at an alarming rate, and their negligence record continues.

Bayou Bridge started construction of the pipeline during the historical high water season in the Atchafalaya Basin, increasing their damage to the wetlands and taking the risk that their open trench could deliver huge amounts of silt and sand into the interior wetlands silting-up our swamps.

ABK is not against oil and gas. Our stance is this: no more pipelines in the Atchafalaya Basin when environmental enforcement is lacking and residue from previous construction continues to cause accretion, destroying our coast. No more pipelines when negligent companies profit off of people's rights and leave our wetlands in shambles.

The pipeline company claims to be providing an estimated 2,500 local jobs, but only 12 are accounted for. What about the industry that it's putting at risk by destroying our wetlands?

The corridor being used to construct the pipeline is already out of compliance.; the Corps does not have a single person reviewing permits for compliance, and its regulatory branch lacks access to a boat which would be required to enforce. Illegal spoil banks need to be removed and the natural hydrology restored before more permits are granted.


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Beyond the Basin's role in protecting us from major Mississippi River floods, there is a lot at risk when a pipeline project breaks through habitats including the cypress forests found here in South Louisiana.

We can not afford as residents of Louisiana to amass a nationally-recognized, "problem pipeline" at the expense of crawfishermen and fishermen who rely on the Basin as income, landowners who receive dimes for their easements, and the health and safety of those in St. James and the Houma nation who rely on its drinking water.

As our fight pushes forward, help us stop BBP in its tracks by donating today. Support your Atchafalaya Basinkeeper by spreading the word and making your voices heard!! 

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