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From the beginning, education has been one of the main tools to protect the Atchafalaya Basin and Louisiana's swamps. We very successfully educated EPA on why most cypress logging should not be exempt from permitting under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. We educated most of the environmental groups in Louisiana and many abroad about the cypress mulch issue, and spearheaded the Save Our Cypress Coalition.

Today, people from all over the nation know about cypress mulch and millions of people know about the Atchafalaya Basin. We have education programs that are taking place in local schools and civic groups. Last year we started citizen-based scientific research in the Basin with juniors and seniors from St. John School in Plaquemine. The idea is to combine research with education to increase people's interest in the solutions to solve the many problems and challenges the Atchafalaya Basin faces. For the program to be truly successful we must to expand it all over the Basin, and more staff must be hired. We are also looking into expanding the idea of nature centers in all the parishes around the Basin, like the one paid for by the city of Lafayette, so students can learn on location the basics of wetlands, the Atchafalaya Basin and environmental stewardship.


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